I gave you a peak at my pillows 
for the mountain house on Thursday.  
We flew up to the house this time 
instead of driving the eleven hours.  
I had a ton of things that I wanted to bring 
up here, but I could only bring 
what I could pack into my suitcase.  
I packed the pillow covers and a few other things.  
I thought that I could buy some pillow inserts 
in Denver on the drive up the mountain.  
We stopped at JoAnn's but we struck out.  
We tried several stores here in the Dillon, 
Frisco, Sliverthorne area, but it was still a no go.  
We hit Walmart, Target, BBB, thrift stores, and nothing.  
I just refused to pay a lot of money 
for inserts for pillow covers 
that only cost me a few dollars apiece to sew.  
So, I decided to construct my own 
pillow inserts out of feather pillows 
from Target and pillow protectors.  
A standard pillow measures 20"X28". 
The pillows were about $10 each 
and I figured I could get at least one 
and a half out of each pillow.  
The pillow protectors were $4 for two. 
The great thing about the pillow protectors 
is that they have a zipper at the end.  
Makes it SEW easy!
I measured 20" and drew a mark for cutting.
To minimize the feather mess 
I put the pillow protector on the pillow 
all the way up to the mark 
before I started cutting 
and placed a trash bag 
on the other end of the pillow 
to catch the excess feathers.  
I just zipped up the pillow protector 
and folded over the extra portion 
and placed it into my pillow cover!  
Easy solution and it probably cost less 
than buying an insert.  
I could have used a regular pillow 
with polyester, 
but I really like the way that feather inserts 
feel, and the shape that they have.  
Besides, you can only make those 
great Karate chops with the feather inserts! 
I love all of the fabrics together.  
I found these two wool blankets 
at an Estate Sale on Thursday for $10 each.  
Perfect for the Mountains!
And they match the back 
of my pretty toile pillow!  
I used the envelope pillow style
because they are so easy to make 
and easy to take off and wash if needed.  
It's a nice change for Fall and Winter 
without spending a lot of money.  
It makes me happy to be able 
to come up here and make a few changes 
and make it all pretty! 
 Of course the prettiest views are outside! 

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